Smith wonderful Poultry


We have a small suburban farm in Spanaway, Washington.  My husband and I are both veterinarians and we both enjoy the animals, but I’m the one who’s gone a little overboard to become a Crazy Chicken Lady.  We have a wide variety of poultry which we enjoy mainly for pets and which my son and his friends show in 4H.  We also raise and exhibit quality bantam Polish and Polish frizzles, and bantam true araucanas.  We invite you to take a virtual tour of our birds and our little postage-stamp farm.


Welcome to our website

Polish are friendly as well as beautiful.  “George,” our white-crested Polish male enjoys visiting around the house when not busy with the girls outside.

We sell adult birds and occasionally have chicks or hatching eggs available from all the birds we raise: bantam Polish and Polish frizzles, bantam and large fowl araucana,  and white call ducks.  We can be contacted here

Our little 4H club is called the Spanaway Squawkers and there is a discount offered to 4Hers looking for quality poultry.